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“I will always look to use the ROQ team, as I have found them to be the best testers.” – Cancer Central

Being described as ‘the best testers’ is some of the highest praise that a pure-play testing consultancy can imagine, find out what ROQ has done to deserve this title in the case study below.

The Client

Cancer Central is a UK-based non-profit online platform which provides support to anyone affected by Cancer, pointing people to useful information regarding treatments, aftercare, services, events and support in the area local to the individual.

Since 2018, ROQ has provided continuous testing advice and resources, including consultation and supporting the development of the website, which began with a fundraiser to support Cancer Central Founder, Avril Chester, with the launch of the first iteration web page.

The Challenge

Cancer Central was moving to the next generation of their website, after discovering a series of improvements that were required in order to provide a better end-user experience. ROQ’s mission was to ensure the new technology and functionality included in the new platform was fit for purpose and worked exactly as it should.


The main focus of the solution arose when testing the ‘Ask Ave’ ChatBot and search function – it’s a very important and central feature of the new website, so it’s important that this function works. Testing a chatbot/search function comes with all sorts of bumps in the road, such as language inconsistencies, jargon and varied user experience based on device/browser type.

Another tricky element of this project was the testing of the reconnected NHS APIs which were crucial to the success of Cancer Central’s platform. The particular challenges of the testing included regular updates to the API which often threw off connections in place, complex protocols and red tape (especially when working with APIs of large public body organisations), and test data management. The API testing often required large amounts of data to test effectively, and managing this data can be a big challenge, considering the sensitivity of the data in this project.

As well as overcoming the challenges of API and ChatBot testing, ROQ continued their test support and consultation on the new generation website, attending weekly planning and resource meetings and developing a bespoke manual regression test pack.

Due to the nature of the client’s CSR make-up and donated hours, they work very fluidly; ROQ’s flexible, risk-based approach partnered with fantastic advice and ideas was invaluable and made for key consistent improvements to the platform. ROQ also helped the client adopt a more CI/CD approach, which helped them in their fluid-working, taking code drops most days and resolving problems in weekly planning meetings.


Some benefits of ROQ’s engagement include:

  • Ensuring the testing process ran smoothly and securely, across a complex and highly sensitive environment.
  • Ensuring the project was delivered on time – ensuring the service was available for those in need of the critical information; even more relevant given the Covid-19 restrictions in place at the time.
  • Delivering a comprehensive regression test pack to ensure new features and functions can be added quickly in the future.
  • Introduced new ways of working through a CI/CD approach, to ensure future delivery is effective and efficient.

Above all else, there is a true partnership approach.  The ROQ test team now have a trusted and longstanding engagement with Cancer Central, forging more than just a ‘test function’, they’re now a true partner and are trusted to make key decisions and improvement suggestions for Cancer Central. This is supported by the following testimonials:

Client Testimonial

“Working with ROQ gives us huge comfort! Knowing we had the team trying to break the site as we delivered components, meant we had a fresh pair of expert eyes on the case. ROQ always spots something we miss and always gives great feedback on how we can continually improve the experience. They always provide ideas with how we can continuously improve the experience of the site and are a complete joy to work with, which makes project meetings a real hoot. Everyone I have met at ROQ is thoughtful, thorough, dedicated and a complete joy to work with. The dedication and support for Cancer Central is incredible. I am personally so thankful and grateful for all ROQ has done and is doing.”

–              Founder of Cancer Central, Avril Chester

“Key to me is the team’s ability to openly question. Sometimes even I get bogged down in the detail and lose sight of what we are trying to achieve, and their ability to question and validate the ‘why?’ is compelling. This, coupled with their empathy and responsiveness, makes for a good team fit. I will always look to use the ROQ team, as I have found them to be the best testers.”

–              Non-Executive Director and Chief Commercial Officer, Mathew Mallett

ROQ continues to assist Cancer Central on their mission to support those affected by Cancer, by bringing them the relevant information and connecting them with people going through similar experiences.


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