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Success in the digital era hinges on software quality

Today's organisations are becoming technology driven by default and mission critical software ecosystems are increasingly difficult to get right. Business requirements are expanding and systems are expected to work seamlessly across multiple platforms, in multiple geographies, first time around. This inherent complexity increases the risk of failure which may result in a loss of functionality, reputational damage and lost revenues.

At ROQ we make software work. Our UK-based Test Lab, enables us to deliver strategic testing for large global programmes that positively impact the bottom line of our clients. Our success has been driven by building trust based, values-driven relationships with major organisations who recognise that we bring a unique approach to testing – working in concert to achieve a common goal.

Client Satisfaction Results: Jan 2022 - March 2022

To support us in being the UK’s premier software testing consultancy, it is important that we effectively and routinely measure and manage our service levels against clients’ expectations. Using the industry recognised RATER model, quarterly satisfaction questionnaires are undertaken across all live projects, where they are scored against five key service metrics.


Benefits of Working With ROQ

Client Centric

Client Centricity

By putting our clients at the centre of everything we do - understanding their aims, strategic objectives and business outcomes - we have established a reputation as being a true strategic partner and trusted advisor to the business and IT sponsors, and fundamental to the success of major system implementations.

Using our independent viewpoint, we provide challenge, with quality in mind, across the whole programme to ensure we provide significant value to our clients.

By working in collaboration with our clients, in helping solve real issues, we continue to develop innovative and niche solutions, products and service lines that deliver immediate and long-lasting value.

Client Centric


As a boutique software testing provider, we are at a great advantage to support large organisations, as we are able to react quicker, adapt more easily and focus on bringing new ideas and energy to solving our clients’ challenges.

We provide flexible resourcing models to suit clients, working in close collaboration to anticipate any changes so that we are equipped to respond rapidly. 

Using our own established delivery methodologies, based on a combination of best practice and vast experience, we work closely with the client to create an approach that is best suited to them – not us. 

Client Centric


Our independence is one of the biggest benefits our clients get when they engage with us on any project, programme or strategic initiative.

On large projects, there are many stakeholders involved, including suppliers who all have their own vested interests. Unfortunately, they are not necessarily aligned with the desired outcome for the project or the client. 

We provide clients the insight that is needed from a trusted partner; no hidden agenda, no ulterior motive - just the project and clients’ best interests at heart.

This independence and our integrity have developed long-standing, trusted relationships, and are relied on to deliver the most complex programmes.

Client Centric

Values Driven

We really are driven by our values. Not just because they mean something to us, but because they make a real difference to our clients.

We know that software quality is integral to the success of most organisations, whether it’s to serve their customers or supporting their internal teams.  As such, we treat it that way, showing commitment to ensure our clients are supported in whatever is needed to deliver. A constant drive for maintaining excellent standards ensures that our clients get the best people and therefore the best service. We always act with transparency and honesty, whether it be good or bad news, so that key stakeholders can make decisions based on facts. Our people are passionate about quality which means they truly care about our clients’ projects and also take pride in improving their own skills and development.

Client Centric


You can’t pay people to care. Here at ROQ, we recruit our people because they already care, and that’s what makes the difference. We look for individuals who are passionate about what they do and who are eager to contribute to the success of our clients.

With established communication channels, we have fostered a culture that supports knowledge sharing and service delivery excellence.

If you ask any of our colleagues or any of our clients what the best thing about working with ROQ is, you will very often get the response ‘the people’. The strong relationships that we build are the lifeblood of ROQ and what we believe brings success.

Client Centric


Innovation is key to what we do. We are always looking to improve. As the technology landscape is always changing, we recognise that we need to adapt with it and continually develop ideas to solve the problems that keep our clients awake at night.

All of our colleagues are empowered to bring fresh perspectives to the table to ensure that we innovate and continually improve, in line with clients’ needs. Using real life experiences and knowledge, we regularly hold “group -thinking” sessions to produce potential new services, products and approaches to benefit our clients.

Where new solutions are developed for clients, we look to share these across other clients, creating next level best practice and service excellence.

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