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Increasing Speed of Delivery for Global Supply Chain Organisation

The Client 

The Client is one of the world’s largest logistics and warehouse solution providers. The Indian owned multinational has a strong client base and has diversified its offering from the motor industry to provide services to a full range of industries. Their IT Services are split between India and the UK with a very small number of testing resource also distributed.

The client was undergoing a large growth period, winning new client contracts that required bespoke software solutions to manage the logistics and warehousing of their goods. This need for advancement highlighted a global lack of maturity in their testing and quality approach. The client had already begun to build different variations for existing clients but there were many known issues and it was not considered scalable or easily customisable or configurable in its current form. A decision was taken to build a cloud-based solution and move from a Waterfall methodology to an Agile one, with the aim being to remove silos and increase collaboration, speed of delivery and improve quality. The client was concerned that they didn’t have the ability to achieve its goals without external help from the very start of the transformation journey, and so they appointed Roq to help them drive quality outcomes.

Roq’s Solution

Roq provided a robust test strategy that enabled the client to transition from Waterfall to Agile, whilst also maximising quality, speed and the expertise of their existing resource. This was done by providing a step-by-step roadmap for the implementation of recommended improvements. Such improvements included new Agile open source tooling (reducing tool licence costs), and implementing robust processes around defect management, role responsibilities, planning and execution.

Roq also made recommendations around test automation which we then helped to implement with a short additional consultancy exercise to build a custom automation framework using open source tools.

This strategy piece enabled to client to transition to a more efficient methodology and increase the speed of change and quality of a previously troublesome application allowing them to confidently provide services to their new clients.

The Outcome  

The solution that Roq delivered for the client meant that this created a blueprint for the future. The client felt we delivered significant benefits, such as: 

  • We built an approach that considered the utilisation of the existing talent within the organisation rather than suggesting additional/costly resources

  • Reduced licence fee costs

  • Increased the voice of testing across the organisation by removing silos

  • Increased job satisfaction of testers who felt they now added more value

  • ROQ provided free of charge Agile workshops helping the teams understand their role responsibilities and the principles of Agile

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