The accelerated green agenda is driving technology advancement.

The Automotive industry has seen some of the largest external pressures of any sector by its consumers. No longer is the size, shape, and attractiveness of a vehicle the appeal. These are all accelerated by the green agenda and the strive to change the standard Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) have increased the research and development in all the manufacturers. This is becoming a technology, rather than an engineering, led industry.

Services tailored to the automotive industry

What consumers want from cars, how they use cars, the way they finance cars and the customer experience they want from car manufacturers are changing rapidly. This is driving huge investment in a technology solution, with time-critical factors from a compliance and market opportunity perspective.

  • Huge digitisation opportunities in enhancing customer experience and loyalty are driving board agendas.

  • Car and battery technology is moving at pace to meet the business need as well as political timescales - the race is on.

  • Strategic partnerships will drive business models of the future – each will have complex integration and technology challenges.

How we can help

Customer-first approach to quality engineering will eradiate technical debt and ensure speed of delivery.

Multi-industry expertise from retail, through to financial services, will enable a complete package for automotive organisations.

Highly accelerated automation solutions will enable first-to-market success.

Using Roq’s wide range of experience across multi-sectors will add huge value to the automotive sector which is moving towards a multi-tier offering. Get in touch to find out more.

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