We believe that technology should work properly and that exceptional Quality Engineering is at the heart of this. Our independence, driven by our great people and strong values, delivers Quality Engineering like no other.

We support our firm belief that technology should work properly by providing world-class Quality Engineering services to clients who care about delivering high-quality technology solutions at pace. By embedding a quality-first mindset with our clients, we ensure quality is engineered across the whole Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC), from inception right through to deploy and maintain.

Quality Engineering Ecosystem

This is the Roq Quality Engineering Ecosystem. It shows how our three core services of Consultancy, Functional and Non-functional, along with our comprehensive set of accelerators, integrate to make a complete service offering for our clients. It also outlines our five Quality Engineering principles that our consultants focus on in delivering the service.

Quality Engineering principles


We believe that a successful engagement is measured by leaving a client and their teams in a better place than when we started, so our consultants will help coach the wider team to bring everyone up to a higher level and develop teams at a pace suited to their needs.


We are committed to providing accurate visibility of delivery progress and to enable this we add the appropriate level of management support. Through on-going support and an inclusive governance approach, clients feel the benefit of the insight it can provide.

360 Feedback

We implement feedback loops into all areas of the lifecycle, so that we can look to address issues as early as possible. By instilling this positive, open and trusting approach, clients build psychological safety in their teams to continually innovate and learn.

Continuous Improvement

We challenge ourselves and our clients to continually look at making small, but impactful change throughout our engagements. This ensures that the changes are manageable, measurable, and leave a positive legacy.


We recognise the need to drive more efficiencies throughout the lifecycle, so always look to introduce automation where it makes sense to do so. We leverage best practice techniques and select tools appropriate to the client need.

Return on Quality

We strive to help organisations learn lessons along the journey and drive continuous improvements, enabling them to realise significant business value from technology investments. We call this the “Return on quality” (Roq).

The Roq Way

The core services depicted in our Quality Engineering Ecosystem on which our professional, independent Quality Engineering services are built, are underpinned by advanced automation frameworks, accelerators; and proven methods to deliver consistently across an organisation. We call this the "Roq Way".

Driven by our great people and strong values, we deliver Quality Engineering like no other.

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