Unprecedented global events, leading to focus on technology advancement.

Following recent global events, the pharmaceutical industry has proven its value more than ever. This has given it a great platform to demonstrate its ability to use technology for further advancement in medicines and drugs. In addition, there is still significant investment required in R&D, meeting regulatory compliance and the added risk of IP theft. All of which present some unique and interesting challenges.

Services tailored to the pharmaceutical industry

Global leaders in the industry have complex technology needs. It is an extremely competitive landscape, where time and accuracy are business-critical in their product launches, but as importantly the underlying technology that brings these very products to market.

  • Huge integration challenges are presented by a myriad of third-party vendors with complex software offerings.

  • An opportunity to advance solutions through new technologies like wearables, nanotechnology and digital medicines.

  • Increasing regulatory requirements need to be built into solution design to add business value as well as compliance.

How we can help

Robust, evidence-based quality assurance processes, that support high regulatory


Secure test lab, that supports device testing, as well as full auditability on test execution.

Risk-based approach to complex integration challenges, involving sensitive data.

Using Roq’s experience in complex and highly regulated sectors will provide peace of mind for key stakeholders. To find out more, please contact us.

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