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A focus on key business risks to ensure applications run seamlessly when migrated to the cloud

Independent viewpoint to put the clients best interests first

Most organisations are looking to move some or even all their applications to the cloud to take advantage of the business agility that this open up to them. ROQ has developed services to help this process run smoothly and allow their clients to reap the rewards of cloud migration sooner.

Moving applications to the cloud is something that is generally daunting to most organisations and with that, comes uncertainty. Through this lack of clarity, responsibility for quality is often left to chance, usually resulting in further unplanned effort and cost later in the programme.

Cloud Migration Testing Explained...

Focus on the key risks to streamline delivery

ROQ helps organisations navigate these uncertainties by mitigating these key risks that can damage your business. The type of project that is chosen when moving to the cloud - re-hosting, re-factoring, re-architecting, re-building or replacing with SaaS, determines where the risks lie and therefore where the focus on testing should be.

The most common key risks that are exposed, include integration issues between cloud hosted and on-premise solutions, incomplete or incorrect data, performance bottlenecks and adoption challenges. These risks are particularly prevalent if an organisation moves from a bespoke tailored solution to a configured SaaS solution – generally the most common approach when adopting cloud. 

In addition to providing core testing services – such as system integration testing, UAT support, performance testing and test automation, ROQ’s experience in cloud migration, means it is well positioned to provide assurance across the programme, which will be vital to the business sponsor in ensuring quality and control.

Minimise disruption

ROQ’s vast experience means that it applies the right level of rigour into the strategy and planning to the most critical areas – minimising disruption to the wider landscape, mitigating risk and reducing time and costs in the migration 

Sensitive data is protected

Our clients’ data is precious, so ROQ ensures that clients follow a proven approach to migration to ensure accuracy, efficiency and that sensitive data is protected 

Inform decisions

Our independence provides a trusted and impartial view of project risks and status – maintaining project integrity and informing unbiased decisions

Faster feedback – validate successful migration

Ensuring there is strong regression in place and exploiting test automation where possible, ensures faster feedback and validation of a successful migration 

Maximise your investment

ROQ’s flexibility in its business model, means that specialist skills are only provided when needed, to maximise your investment  

Positive user experience 

ROQ ensures your customer continues to have a positive experience by proving the capacity of the cloud solution through large scale performance testing 

  • Provide independent assurance of all third parties to ensure responsibility for quality is clearly accounted for 
  • A clear approach to the specific challenges and risks of the cloud migration programme, with testing designed to suit IaaS, PaaS and SaaS solutions 
  • Provide focus on integration testing between cloud hosted solutions and the wider estate
  • Data migration testing, providing bulk reconciliation of the data between source and target systems
  • Build robust regression packs and automate these where they provide value 
  • Capitalise on the benefits of moving to the cloud by introducing continuous testing to support cloud native bespoke development
  • Transparent reporting of progress throughout preparation and execution to provide stakeholders useful insights to contribute to informed decision making 
  • Flexible and dynamic resourcing models, including specialist skills as and when required to cater for peaks and troughs in demand 

"The work delivered by ROQ re-enforced the complete end to end value of thorough testing cycles. We have zero defects relating to the release and this is a glowing testament to the job done by the team, whose attention to detail and willingness to take ownership and drive tasks is second to none."

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