Tool review service

Ensuring you’re armed with the right tooling to accelerate delivery.

Our Tool Review Service is an extensive deep dive to help organisations understand their test tool usage and maturity. Through analysis, evaluation and engaging with key stakeholders, Roq is able to provide recommendations on tooling to help improve test processes and approaches to deliver a better outcome. This enables organisations to be in touch with modern techniques to streamline delivery.

Driving better results

We provide an independent review of the tools your organisation uses, identifying opportunities to improve the way you use them, to replace or complement the existing tool set, all with a view to delivering better outcomes.

Pragmatic approach to change

The expert review will provide a pragmatic approach to implementing the recommendations, and where required help organisations make the necessary changes, through training or coaching.

Latest technology at your doorstep

As a business we are continually reviewing the tools in the marketplace. We have dedicated R&D investment to discover new tools and features. We also experience a lot of new tools across our clients, so where we uncover a gem, we’ll recommend it elsewhere.

Why we're different

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Independent and expert approach to reviewing tool usage and maturity.

Pragmatic approach

Pragmatic approach to implementing recommendations aligned with your quality objectives.


Support and mentoring provided to help organisations make the necessary changes.

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