Contract / RFP Review Services

For a small investment, you can save hundreds of thousands in unplanned work and costly legal bills

Unbiased, independent review

As with any commercial relationship, setting clear expectations and defining roles/responsibilities for all parties concerned is absolutely key to the success of the engagement. Unfortunately, that is not always the case, especially with complex development and platform engagements. In particular, activities relating specifically to quality assurance and testing are often vague or even missing – resulting in poor quality software being delivered. 

Contract / RFP Reviews Explained...

Avoid significant unplanned rework

Once a contract has been agreed, any subsequent omissions that are identified will no doubt be treated as a change request by the supplier or taken on as an additional activity by the business – either way this is unplanned effort and cost that should have been anticipated.

To help clients avoid this, ROQ provides a service to review any commercial documents – ideally pre-issue or pre-signature – such as Request for Proposals (RFP’) and contracts to identify and recommend changes to ensure that quality is built into the contractual deliverables and that evidence will be provided to demonstrate it.

True independence 

ROQ’s independence and focus on quality puts the clients’ best interest first 

Avoid budget overspend 

Avoid significant additional work and therefore unplanned budget overspend, by building quality into the commercial agreements from the outset

Mitigate business risks 

Understanding key business risks will enable the governance of the project to be objective and evidence based

Focus on quality  

Ensure this crucial, but time-consuming activity, builds quality into the solution from the outset and avoid the risk of a poor solution to market

  • Provides structure and guidance, via workshops, to determine the acceptance criteria required, and how the client should measure / monitor a third party’s performance during the delivery of applications
  • Provides the acceptance criteria content that should be included in the RFP / Contract
  • Reviews aged RFP’s / Contract’s, and assesses subsequent impact, to help shape future RFP’s / Contract’s
  • Reviews existing and in-flight key documents and makes any subsequent key recommendations, to retrospectively ensure quality in the delivery
  • Assesses the answers / solutions provided by the third party to ensure that they are in line with the desired acceptance criteria

"The consultancy work undertaken by ROQ was carried out in a highly professional manner and with consultants who clearly had good experience and knowledge. The output from this exercise was excellent and is now being used to help reshape our test strategy and direction."

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