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Make the users champions of the system, whilst protecting project timelines and costs

Engage the users early

Organisations typically face many challenges during the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) phase of the software development lifecycle, exacerbated by pressures to deliver the solution on time and to budget. However, ROQ recognises that most of these problems are preventable if the business users are engaged earlier in the process, are confident in what they are doing, and are bought into the expected changes.

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Make informed decisions ahead of crucial go-live

ROQ has developed a UAT service that takes these things into consideration, ensuring that all key stakeholders understand the importance of their role in UAT, have executable plans to deliver it and that all the dependencies needed to complete it on time are managed effectively.

Through a vast amount of experience in supporting UAT on large scale, global implementations, ROQ has developed robust processes and accelerators to ensure organisations get the most value from it, in the most effective way.

ROQ provides governance, management and co-ordination of the UAT phases of projects and programmes, initially developing a risk-based strategy and approach to meet the specific requirements. Working closely with the business users, ensures they have clear expectations of what they need to do, and it will support them on the journey.

Preserving Important Project Timelines

ROQ promotes early engagement of users through workshops and project interaction, so that there is little, or no requirement changes later in the process when they become more troublesome and expensive to fix – preserving important project timelines

Make Informed Go-Live Decisions

Central co-ordination and clear reporting of UAT by ROQ will provide visibility of quality which enables business sponsors and key stakeholders to make informed go-live decisions with confidence

Business Users Become Champions

By working with trusted testing experts, business users will be confident that they have validated that the system is fit for purpose, and become champions of the new system once fully implemented

Effective Use of Time and Resources

ROQ supports leveraging test automation wherever possible within UAT to increase the speed of change and to ensure that the business users’ time is used effectively, reducing wasted time and money

Risk-Based Approach

ROQ always promotes a risk-based approach to UAT, taking into account previous phases of testing. and the business impact of the system changes – this provides an effective use of time, whilst ensuring quality is delivered

  • In collaboration with the key stakeholders and business users, ROQ defines a test strategy and approach that is fit for purpose and is aligned to business risk
  • Management of all of the key dependencies including environments, resources and data, whilst being pragmatic in focusing effort in the right place following feedback from preceding test phases
  • Work closely with business analysts, stakeholders and SME’s to ensure test coverage is appropriate
  • Ensure all test results are rigorously documented, auditable and most importantly, insightful
  • Exploit opportunities to expedite delivery through automation
  • Provide clear and transparent progress reports during preparation and execution for key UAT stakeholders
  • Assign consultants with specialist skills when required, utilising a flexible resourcing model
  • Use business resources efficiently – training, process, defect management
  • Identify the most appropriate testing tools to support the UAT process

Achieving successful UAT on a global scale

ROQ has vast experience in managing and co-ordinating UAT, particularly on a global scale where there is a high volume of users across multiple countries and high complexities. 

An example of this is with ROQ's longest standing clients, on the complex implementation of Workday.

View this project example here

Employees Worldwide, across 7 continents and 47 different countries

Interfaces The client had a complex eco-system, including internal and external suppliers

"I enjoy working with ROQ. They know our business well and understand the importance of the testing outcomes. They are flexible with their approach and adaptable to the users"

Leading E-Commerce Organisation

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